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Don Caballero - 2009

I think I really understood the reason why Don Caballero creates instrumental songs… He is not a …talkative person! But surely he is extremely clever and funny.

If you don't spend money on rubbish you will not get rubbish....

Don Caballero - 2009

First of all I would like to thank you for this release. It is really difficult nowadays to find musicians that care about this genre of music. Not to mention finding good ones! Express your emotions about this album.
Thank you! Well, you are telling me things I definitely know. We really like our new record. It feels like we really just won a no rules cage fight.

(Laughing). Your compositions are technical but also emotional. This is a strong combination but also not an easy one…
It is like having money in your pocket. Only you can decide what to do with it and you'll get what you will pay for. If you don't spend it on rubbish you will not get rubbish.

I have a feeling that after nearly a decade, people again started to care about quality in their music. What is your opinion?
Simple, there will always be low quality in music and also there will always be the music that changes your life.

Express your feelings while you are on stage.
It is almost as fun as fireworks and sticks that go boom.


There will always be low quality in music and also there will always be the music that changes your life...

Don Caballero - 2009


Do you feel that internet help the music or not?
Yes and no. It creates a heightened level of exposure, but also let the “clever” ones to steal what we elected to give to the marketplace.

Please tell us your next steps.
More and more surgery. (laughing).

We reached the end, keep up the good work! Finish the interview with the best way!
Well, the best way is the Japanese bow. Did you know it takes about eight liters of oil to manufacture 1 automobile tire? I'm worried we are not going to be able to get our way out of this!


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