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MISERY INDEX - with Jason - 2009 - interview

Misery Index surely wouldn’t let us down. Their release “Traitors” blew us away so we called Jason asking him few things about it…








"Traitors" is a diatribe directed at the permanent culture of fear in American society...

Jason (Misery Index) - 2009


Well, I was sure that you would strike back with more powerful compositions and of course your never-ending energy that flows from the listening… Express your feelings...
Indeed very content…we put a lot of work into the songwriting of this one, a good 8 months, resulting in 15 songs, 11 of which we recorded for the album. We made sure the guitar tones and all the efforts going into the production were to our specific liking and came out with something we feel is our best work to date by far.

The album is released under the title “Traitors”. Explain who are those “traitors”?
"Traitors" is a diatribe directed at the permanent culture of fear in American society, whereby any dissent against, or questioning of, the dominant ³war on terror² narrative apparently gets one labeled as un-American (as Homer would say- "woo hoo"!) - or more specifically, a traitor! (DOH!) However, the much ballyhooed history of this nation is one supposedly built on the glorious dissent and rebellion of those so-called Founding Fathers of these United States (or so we are told), who would (ironically) be branded the ultimate terrorists using today's definitions.

Impressive! How important is the production of the song? Are you satisfied from your production?
Well, very important. If the production sucks the song is not well represented, so obviously a good production is ideal and desired and as mentioned before, yes we are very happy with the production of this guy fo sho.

Nowadays an album in order to “sell” needs a good promotion. Do you agree with that and which is the best way to achieve that?
Yeah, otherwise no one knows about it! The best way to promote an album or band is to get someone to kill people and then say he/she got the idea from reading your band’s lyrics. Then the news and the whole world will start looking at you and you will sell many records. (Laughing).

(Laughing). Great but I hope you will not use that “technique”. Do you like being in a studio or on a stage mostly and why?
The studio is stressful and a nightmare, we hate it and when it’s over we can relax. Just a lot of pressure and there are so many variables along the way you never know what’s going to happen. So, we prefer the live show! It’s the most natural representation of the music and a much more cathartic, spiritual endeavor.

Surely! I really thank you for your time… I leave the conclusion blank for you!
look for TRAITORS in October, and thanks for the support, we hope to come back again soon… Cheers!





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