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Dark Vision - with Giannis - 2009

Dark Vision after really a long time of silence, started again with a new fresh line up and remarkable ideas in their compositions. John will reveal his secrets to us…

A self financed release is something that we were seeking for, free from certain deadlines of a possible contract...

Giannis (Dark Vision) - 2009


The truth is that there were no news from the band since long time ago. There were gossips talking about breaking up or problems with the copyrights etc. I think you shall explain to us what was really happened… I am very glad that we are talking again! It is true that many told many things about the band. Dark Vision released their final album in 2002 but never stopped playing and releasing promos. Also there was a video clip. The band was active. The problem that you are talking about was actually the incapability of a stable line up. As for the copyrights, it was actually an argument between previous members of the band. But of course this belongs to the past as the copyrights are legally belonging to me.

Your last attempt is this mini-cd in digipack format and as far as I know you pay all the costs yourself. I must congratulate you for this quality product. Can you tell me what exactly are you expecting with this move? Thank you very much for your words. We have been planning a strong comeback for a long time now .We are stable and our sound has a new identity. A self financed release is something that we were seeking for , free from certain deadlines of a possible contract. We needed time to work with no pressure, to take our time and create a result equal to our needs as a band. All our passion and energy is included in this release.

Your compositions have nothing to do with your older style of music. You have combined many genres of black metal. Why did you do that? Don’t you think that some of your older fans may feel disappointed? We are certainly out of our style of music. But this is a result of the new line up. There are new influences and new ideas. Until today, the fans reacted greatly when they heard the new songs. I think that there will be no problem,on the contrary, they will like it more! Apart from the aggressive style one can find influences from Black Sabbath to Mayhem and from Darkthrone to Machinehead.

I heard that for the first time the production was clear and powerful… Production is very critical. This time we did the production ourselves. We had more time to work on it. We used two studios (Sound Machine & Unreal Studio) in order to reach the result we wanted.

I hope the same too! So we reached the end of this interview. I want to thank you for this interview! Whoever wishes to contact us, find us at www.myspace.com/darkvisionofficial There can also be found samples from the mini-cd.



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