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Kampfar - with 213 and Dolk - 2009

Spirits of the woods, holy trees and nymphs of the lake, green elves and ghosts of the great oak, all listen... Kampfar are here! 213 (drummer) and Dolk (vocalist) will lead us to the secret and safe path of the forest that will lead us to the underworld...

The internet is a two-headed monster for most bands...

213 (Kampfar) - 2009


You are staying faithful to your first and original steps of your career, even if your compositions have gone a step further. It is something like a legacy of your band to your fans? What can you say for those bands that change their style in order to be more mainstream?
||.|.||| : When Kampfar started, Dolk had a clear idea of what kind of direction the music should be in. So Thomas and him together developed the style of Kampfar. When Jon and I joined we studied the old songs and took it up as a part of ourselves, and what comes out when we write today is the sum of all four of us, but based on the foundation from those old days. What other bands do is up to them. For some bands it’s not natural to play the same music anymore, for others, like Iron Maiden, it works to play different varieties of the same style. To me it’s all about honesty, and it’s no better if Darkthrone pretends that it is 1991, as it is that other bands go commercial just to make money.

The pagan-folk influences always inspired you. Let me know what are the lyrics talking about?
Dolk: Of course this album also deals with a lot of topics and myths from the north. But its not fiction or farytale metal what we do. The word Heimgang itself is in fact a word that was used here in the North some hundered years ago. The word itself explains the path or connection between our own existing world and the underworld.This specific connection or path was called heimgang up here at that time. So its pure history in fact. When considering this you can say that the whole album is dealing with topics around this theme. Almost 80% of this album is written lyrically about true events that happen here in the North + events and strong thoughts and beliefs of the dark folkloric stuff people used to believe in hundred of years ago. This is stuff that people have totally forgotten in these days. So you can maybe say that “Heimgang” is a history lesson from the forgotten North then. Hehe.. Heimgang is much more directly both when it comes to the music and lyrics. As mentioned before almost every track here is  based on true events or dark myths that happened here in Norway 200-500 years ago. To start telling  about each single track on the album would maybe be over the top here. But I can take the song “Antvort” as an example. Antvort was in fact a priest that lived just 1km away from my house. He was practising for about 200 years ago in a local church here. The church is still valid today actually so its quite fascinating to see it now in real life and then know the story behind it all. Antvort was what the locals called a “black priest” so he had a lot of knowledge about both the white and dark sides of things. Officially he was a white priest and the Norwegian state was supporting his acts of God, but the locals and especially the kids knew that there was a different side of Antvort if I can put it that way. So as you probably understand this song and also the rest of the tracks on “Heimgang” deals so much more with true history and dark actual local events from my home place. So for me this is definately the most personal album so far, no doubt about it!

Wow! Those were really great! Now, express your emotions for being in Napalm Records roster?
||.|.||| : Napalm Records is a label, and their job is to release and promote our albums. There are no feelings towards that aside from them being one of several partners, helping us spread our music.

The internet conquered our lives. Do you feel helped out music industry and why?
||.|.||| : The internet is a two-headed monster for most bands. In one way it means that we sell less records, but on the other hand it opens up the information access for a big group of people. This way we can share music, tour information, pictures, videos, free of charge, and therefore develop a stronger bond to the people that find our music appealing.

What do you enjoy mostly? Being in a studio or on stage?
||.|.||| : Stage, by far! Even though we had a very good 2,5 months in the studio this time, it’s still work, work, work. Being on the stage is all about free flowing energy, going fucking apeshit while a heap of other people do the same.
Kampfar have really grown into a live band more than any thing else during the last years.So for us is this the most important thing to be honest. Besides of the content of the music itself of course.

The last question is left blank for you to say whatever you wish to the Greek fans. Stay true as always!
||.|.||| : We hope to one day in the near future visit your country and share our music with the great scene of Greece.
I have many friends and blood brothers in Greece during all my years in this “business” so it would really have been an honour to finally go there soon. Thanks to everyone there for support and respect during all this years! Keep the banner high still! Hope to meet up soon!




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