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Destinity - with Mick - 2009

Lifeforce Records joined their roster with Destinity and their album “The Inside” has already hit the market! Let’s see what Mick (the vocalist of the band) will say about these…

And downloads are dangerous for all bands because studio budgets are less important for bands...

Mick (Destinity) - 2009


I enjoyed the listening of the cd, I believe it was a good result but what is your opinion regarding this?
We are absolutely satisfied with the production and songs. We worked a lot on “The Inside” with pre-productions before the recording sessions and everything in this album has been fully thought of. It was an amazing work lasting several months and today we are really proud of everything so we are really satisfied and enjoy releasing this album with Lifeforce Records because this album has an excellent promotion and distribution!

Let us know the procedure of creating your compositions.
Zephiros (guitars) one of the former members together with Morteüs (his brother) and me is one of the songwriter up to 80 % and he did an amazing work with this album! New members David (Bass) and Ponce (guitars) wrote some parts and 2 songs. Each member can compose song but the arrangements are really working with all members and Morteüs (Drums and keyboards) and finally add some keyboards if it is necessary. When everything is composed we record a lot of demo material in our home studio to be sure about all arrangements and to be better at the studio and earn some time.

Which bands are you listening to at this period of your life?
We generally listen to a lot of different kinds of metal music. Of course we listen to a lot of Swedish bands as Hypocrisy, The Haunted, Darkane, Amon Amarth and more... plenty of old-school thrash metal bands as Slayer, Kreator, Destruction and many Death metal bands like the excellent Morbid Angel, Vader, Behemoth, Severe Torture and some Hard-rock and Heavy old stuff like Tesla, Guns 'N Roses, Twisted Sister and more... We listen to everything with good intentions...

Do you feel that internet actually helped music or not? Why do you believe that?
Yes I am sure that Internet can help many bands to be much more famous, like our band, but in all good things there are drawbacks! And downloads for example are dangerous for all bands because studio budgets are less important for bands! Today we have to tour all the time to sell merchandising and many more Cds.


Each member can compose song but the arrangements are really working with all members

Mick (Destinity) - 2009


And now the difficult part! Which is your favorite song out of this album? (Laughing).
You are totally right man! It is the difficult part! (Laughing). I think each song of the new album “The Inside” is good with its own identity so I have several favorite songs like “Murder Within”, “Ready to Leave” or “Enemy Process” but I prefer to sing on “Thing I Will Never Feel” on stage! This one is so loud with a melodic and melancholic feeling.

The last question is all yours...
First of all thank you so much for your interview and interest in the band ! We hope to be on stage in your country as soon as possible ! Don't hesitate to listen to the band on myspace : www.myspace.com/destinity




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