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Sworn Amongst - with Liam - 2009

The debut album of Sworn Amongst was a pleasant surprise for me and definitely I wanted to reach Liam “Frank” Liddell in order to find out more about them.

We’re in for a busy twelve months....

Liam (Sworn Amongst) - 2009


I believe telling us a few things regarding your band is the best way to start this interview.
We’re Sworn Amongst from Yorkshire in England. We’ve been together for six years, and we’re currently touring our debut album “And So It Begins” through the UK and Europe.

The album as a debut was truly powerful…
We were stuck with how the album turned out, and on top of that it’s been received very, very well. We couldn’t be happier with the way it’s gone down, not just in the UK but Europe as well. To be honest, a lot of the time it’s really exceeded our expectations, so we’re completely thrilled by that.

What are the lyrics talking about?
Most of the time our lyrics deal with anger and personal struggle. Lashing out at prejudice or personal injustice. Things that I feel very strongly about and feel it’s easy for like-minded people to relate to. It’s important to me to be emotionally involved with the subject. I feel it allows you to get your message across much more effectively.

You have to say more things about the cover artwork…
The cover was a collaboration of ideas between myself and the artist. Basically just took the name of the album and came up with something that related to it. And So It Begins refers to the start of our career and “spreading the disease” if you will, so that’s where the cover was loosely adapted from.


Most of the time our lyrics deal with anger and personal struggle...

Liam (Sworn Amongst) - 2009


I know that you received very good reviews from your concert at the “Bloodstock Festival” along with Primal Fear and My Dying Bride. What do you remember from that day and how do you think that concert affected the name of the band?
We certainly held our own, and it was nice to have such a good response from the crowd considering we were pretty unknown at the time. It was a really good experience for us to have, but I do think the opportunity came a little too soon for us. We’d only just assembled our new line-up at the time, and we were all still pretty young. Saying that, it got us a lot of exposure, which in your early years can only help.

Maybe, but I strongly believe that everything counts for a next good step. Let us know your future plans.
At the moment we’re mainly focused on getting out there and touring this album as much as we can. We have the second half of our tour starting in the next couple of weeks which runs to the end of the year. We can’t wait to get started on that. Lots of big shows. We’ve been working on some new material as well which has been fun, and we’re totally stoked about what we have already. We’re in for a busy twelve months.

This is the end of the interview. I am wishing you all the best for your future. Say whatever you wish to our readers!
Thanks very much for the opportunity to tell everyone what’s going on in the world of Sworn. We’re having a great time at the moment, and hope that anyone reading this interview will check out our album and come join the havoc at one of our shows soon. Stay safe! Rock!




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