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The Oath - with Pierre - 2009

The Oath is a very promising band. Talking with Vocalist/Guitarist Pierre “D444” I realized that they also have spirit and that they keep their feet on the ground which is very important these days…



Quite difficult to explain but a real inexhaustible source of inspiration...

Pierre (the Oath) - 2009


After your self-financed cd you are now in the roster of “code 666” label and released a really powerful album with great production this time. Did you expect all these when you were attempting to record your first release? Also express your emotions regarding this album.
Hi! No I didn’t expect these when we recorded our first release “The end of times”. In fact, 3 years ago, The Oath were totally in reconstruction with a new line-up; today things have changed. It was easy for us to feel that when you are recording your 2nd album in Germany during one month in the studio where Crematory were a couple of month ago… I have no regrets, “4” sounds killer like I’ve never dreamed of. Kristian “Khole” Kohlmannslehner at Kolhekeller studio, did a really good job! This forthcoming release contains the best tracks we’ve ever composed, with a very powerful and organic sound and the concept, like the artwork of this album, has a deep meaning. Nevertheless “The end of times” is an album I still am very proud of. It was a big step in the history of the band and we have collected positives returns from the entire world. Regarding our deal with Code666, of course we are very proud and satisfied by this collaboration. I have known this label for some time . It’s been great to be contacted by its label manager. Furthermore, it’s a really good opportunity for The Oath to keep going forward; I’m confident.

All these are very nice! Tell me more about your lyrics…
They are very personal. I wrote 70% of the lyrics in this album, the rest was written by our bass player Carcharoth. As for my part, they are all about my own introspective vision of life in general and mostly mine. Quite difficult to explain but a real inexhaustible source of inspiration... Like a non–conformist, misanthrope and independent glance on the world we are confronted with day after day in our life, in our mind, our heart…

It was a "clever" way to describe the number “4” in the cover… Was it your idea?
Glad to see you like it! All the artwork, including cover, photo sessions has been created by a friend of us. He did a fantastic job! We really like the result of his work. Otherwise, there’re many ways of understanding this cover because you can find many meanings behind this image; like beauty and destruction, life and death, filth and light… everybody could see many things. Finally, this cover is really coherent with the global concept of the album; it works well.

Metal scene of France has grown really bigger during this decade, why do you think that happened?
Yes, you’re right. But the French metal scene has always been very rich. Here, metal music is completely underground… our medias aren’t interesting in metal. Even the specialized ones ignore their own scene; except for the 5/10 tops French bands who can appear sometimes in playlists or pages. This is a real French cultural problem, and not only for metal music: “It’s always better somewhere else!”. This decade, many bands evolved and worked hard to give their best in a professional way. For instance, that’s why The Oath goes to Kolhelkeller studio. We managed every thing for our own interest… we’re just counting on us and work hard! But we are not the only ones, you can find many stunning production from bands you never heard before, even if you are French! Today Gojira, The old dead tree, Benighted, Kronos… are opening many doors. Hope one day the most interesting pieces of our scene could be listened more easily than today throughout the world. We’ll see!


it’s a really good opportunity for "The Oath" to keep going forward; I’m confident...

Pierre (the Oath) - 2009


Do you enjoy being on stage mostly rather than in a studio and why?
I think we are a live band because of the energy behind the music. I mean, studio experiences are very cool, but so far from the feelings you can have on stage. That’s why we love and play this kind of music… Sharing a powerful setlist with cool audiences through many places and countries is just thrilling. On stage we are alive… For your inquiry, we are always looking for gigs; so if you have someone that can help us feel free to contact us!

I will keep my ears open for this… Which bands are you listening to this period?
Always a lot stuff… a lot of 80/90’s classic acts like Maiden, Megadeth, Helloween, Death, Slayer… but also recent releases of bands like Le Grand Guignol, Cataract, Moonspell, Novembre, Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, Dornenreich, Volbeat and also non-metal stuff like Depeche Mode, Perry Blake… But it’s often very eclectic cause it depends on my mood!

I’m wishing you all the best for the future. Finish the interview as you wish.
Thank you! Thanks again for this interesting interview. Hope one day we could play and have some fun in your great country with you guys! Take a look to our page http://www.theoath.org/ to hear how our new album sounds! Hope you’ll like it! Cheers from France, take care and stay metal!




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