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Benighted - interview 2009

The amazing lyrics of the latest album of Benighted and the great step to join Osmose’s roster will surely let them gain a stronger presence in metal community. Read their opinion about all these...

I work in psychiatric clinic and the lyrics are speaking the truth...

Benighted - 2009


What is your opinion regarding your 5th release?
We are still very happy with “Icon”. It contains many headbanging songs, maybe our best compositions. The production is powerful, which was missing I think from the previous attempts we had made till now. We tried to break our boundaries and we succeeded. Every song has its own personality. We must not forget the paranoiac concept of the artwork…

I imagine that you would not change anything from the result right now.
Correct. We gave our best and the result shows that…

What is your opinion regarding your new label?
Everyone in Osmose Productions work seriously and we think they trust the band. They help us receiving better promotion and distribution in the entire world. That was our weak spot. Our previous releases are difficult to be found and I hope Osmose will re-release them because there are many that are searching for them.

I assume that there is a schedule plan regarding that... Let’s talk about your compositions… I pinpointed that there were many melodic parts that interfered with your aggressive themes. Obviously this is making the tracks sound better…
We always try to make our songs as special as can be. (laughing). Each one of those is fast and aggressive and as you correctly said, there are groovy and more melodic parts that many times are beyond the limits of extreme metal. We are not afraid to enrich our music. “Icon” consists of 12 tracks, which are different but respect the identity of Benighted.


“Icon” consists of 12 tracks, which are different but respect the identity of Benighted...

Benighted - 2009


We didn’t say anything regarding lyrics. Tell us few things…
For the first time lyrics are talking about the history of a person. In the past, we were always referring to the psychiatric pathology. In “Icon” we are tracing the life of the man that suffers from these problems. The traumatic experiences he had from his childhood, how he fell sick, even more how he feels about his sickness. This inspiration comes from my professional life. I work in psychiatric clinic and the lyrics are speaking the truth...

I can say that you impressed me right now! Now, I can understand more things about the cover page.
On the cover, you have the central man of the “Icon” album, with his own perception and way to see the external world around him. The emptiness of the world he’s living in makes him lose himself and he’s tortured by the “Infinite Conscience of Nothingness” he has of his life.

It is both great and depressing. Let’s change the subject. Let me know about the future plans of the band.
We continue the promotion of the album and we are trying to book many concerts.

Thank you for this interview. Feel free to finish it as you wish!
Thank you and I’m very impatient to come in Greece to make you discover what Benighted looks like on stage! Thanks to those who bought the album. Stay brutal!




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