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Decapitated - with Vogg - 2009

I caught up with Vogg, lead guitarist for the band Decapitated. He was in a rush, but we managed to get some insights into their DVD release...

We were so young in those days and we learned so much from Vader and Krisiun...

Vogg (Decapitated) - 2009


It's about time your new DVD hit the market, am I right? What took you so long?
The reason this DVD (Human's Dust) was late is because Metal Mind Production couldn't released it until after we finished our contract with Earache Records.

On the DVD there are old live appearances from Poland. I sense that those gigs were very important for you.. Tell us why, and what can you remember from that time?
There are three performances on the DVD. The first one comes from the broadcast on Studio TV Krzemionki in Krakow in 2002. That show is from the tour we played together with Vader and Krisiun, a really amazing tour. I remember that we played two shows in Greece (Thessaloniki and Athens), good times... We were so young in those days and we learned so much from Vader and Krisiun. The second performance is the polish Ozzfest when we played just before Slayer, Tool and Ozzy (smiling and laughing) That was in Katowice in 2002. Our dream come true. (laughing). Finally, the last segment was filmed at the Metalmania Festival in Katowice in 2004. An amazing appearance!

That's great stuff. What is the inner meaning of the cover?
Well, it has no …meaning! (laughing). That question can only be answered by our manager Mariusz Kmiolek since he was responsible for the cover.

I see… Thank you so much for your time. I know that you must hurry for the live. Just a last short question. Tell me more about the video clip that's including as a bonus on the DVD in order to end this interview.
It's a video clip “Winds of Creation”. It's nothing special. It's footage from the Thrash 'em All Festival in 1999. Thanks a lot for the interview and the support!




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