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Todesbonden - with Patrick - 2009

The violinist Patrick Geddes from Todesbonden is telling us few things regarding his latest great release.

Laurie has a strong commitment to environmental consciousness and responsibility...

Patrick (Todesbonden) - 2009


Impressive atmosphere! Are you satisfied from the result?
We are really happy with the CD. Jens Bogren did a tremendous job with production and the sound quality is tremendous. We're happy with our individual performances. Personally, I always find little things in recordings of my own parts that I think I could have done better, but that's life. Hopefully it means our next CD will be even better.

What are you listening to these days? Laurie, Jason, and I have classical backgrounds, but we all have our own tastes in popular music. Laurie has influences ranging from world, classical music to brutal death metal styles. Jason's interests include classical to black metal. Jay leans toward black, death and pagan metal styles and I have goth and celtic influences.

Do you think promotion is the most valuable thing that a label should concern about and why? Promotion is certainly a huge aspect of what a label does, and they have tools to promote much more widely than we can as a band. We've been pleased so far with what Prophecy has done for us. They've generated some nice interest from the on-line and printed media, and they've made our CD available in a lot of prestigious on-line distributors like Amazon, Borders, and Circuit City. We're even on WalMart on-line, which is funny to us but still kind of cool.

Do you think that you can perform those compositions on stage as good as they are in their studio version? Come and hear us and you can tell us! In a studio recording you have to concentrate to get everything nearly perfect, because people will be able to listen to it closely. In a live performance we can add more energy to communicate the emotion of the songs in a way that you can't do in a studio.

Why did you name the album like that? Is there any connection with the lyrics? Laurie writes the lyrics and she has a strong commitment to environmental consciousness and responsibility. The songs cover a wide range of topics but there are several that relate to the majesty and beauty of nature. Fading Empire may be the best example, but you can also hear the influence in Surrender to the Sea and Ghost of a Crescent Moon.

Thank you for such a great release. You can add whatever you wish in order to end this interview. Thanks for the nice compliments. We put a lot of work into making the best music we can and it's gratifying to know other people appreciate that and enjoy the music.




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