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King Diamond - with Pete Blakk - 2009 - DISASTER PEACE project

I've got some great news for you! The King Diamond’s Axeman Pete Blakk is Back! His new band is called “Disaster/Peace” and Wade Black is the vocalist. Take a closer look at what Pete had to say....



I didn’t touch the guitar for many years and it was a good therapy for me...

Pete Blakk - 2009


I can definitely say that I was shocked when I first heard that you were finally striking back again with a new band. I think it was your inner desire to let the “music monster” you have inside you free! Tell me how you picked the name for the band and how you feel now that you are entering into the music business game again.
Thank you! I hear that fans still want me. I was seeking the chance to return again and use that inner energy out loud in order to create the best feeling in the world, even better than sex! Actually the name was supposed to be “Blakk Reign”. Because Wade had a local band named “Black Reign” and when we decided to do something together I said that I didn’t want to join his local band but to start a new band with him. He wanted to keep the band’s name and then I said that we shall call the band “Blakk” as my last name. Wade thought that would be too much "my" band so we decided to go for a total new name. DISASTER/PEACE was the best solution for us because I am DISASTER/ and Wade is PEACE. (Laughing).

(Laughing). I think that fits both of you! Eight years is a long time for you to be silent! But I am not sure that you were really 100% inactive. Tell me what you did during that dead period.
No, it’s true! I didn’t touch the guitar for many years and it was a good therapy for me. I was drained and lost the hunger for a while. I just took care of my family and just didn’t do much at all.

Even if it sounds unbelievable to me, I can deal with it … (laughing). You were working with one of the most legendary frontman, King Diamond. I am sure that only Wade Black could live up to your standards, am i right? I know that it is not possible to compare them, but are you feeling comfortable with this collaboration so far?
King Diamond is awesome! He is a talented guy and unique person! No one can take his place and that was not what I was looking for when I was searching for a frontman. I have tremendous respect for King Diamond both as songwriter and performer. We had such a good time back then, I know everyone is missing that special synergy and the power of that line-up. We created some classic albums and made timeless recordings. Maybe we will be on the same stage again sometime… When I heard Wade Black for the first time I was blown away! He has such a powerful voice and range! Also I love the way he thinks about music we have some amazing songs on the Disaster/Peace album that I think will make some people bang their heads without end! I know that the King Diamond fans from all over the world will like it. I’m totally at peace with this collaboration. It kicks ass man!

What should we expect from this band? Will it have paranoiac melodies and raw rhythm section? Some …hints?
You can expect hard bone-crushing metal. We We're progressing, so we will have to wait and see. Certainly it will remain hard with good lyrics and solid melodies in it. The paranoiac rhythm changes may come as we evolve and will also depend on the mood of the song.


Right now 20 years have passed and that chemistry we had on those classics albums will probably never come alive again...

pete blakk - 2009


I was sure that you would choose Andy La Rocque’s producing experience, but I was also expecting for you to ask him to play in a song and once again revive the once again the thunder-striking twin guitars. Tell me, were you satisfied with the result? Also, tell me if Andy reminded you of a lot of things from the past...
Andy co-produced the album with me. We had such a good time both creating music and talking about the "crazy days"! (Laughing). You know, we were pretty wild back then. Mostly me, Hal and Mikkey! It was real funny talking about all the things we did … When we lived in LA we had so much fun that the owners at Rainbow Bar and Grill said we better have our mail send to Rainbow. (Laughing). The album turned out super and Andy did such a great job. He is impressive behind the desk and the knobs. Of course he is playing in the album and ripping as always!

Do you think that there is a chance for albums like “The Eye” and “Them” to be created again? Are you afraid of the gigantic legacy that you carry on your shoulders or the possibility that this attempt will be compare to those albums?
Those albums are truly metal classics. I love those releases. There is no way to compare anything to those albums. But I think we will amaze a lot of people with Disaster/Peace. Right now 20 years have passed and that chemistry we had on those classics will probably never come alive again. When people leave a band like John Bonham, Ace or Peter Criss the chemistry is gone. So I think when Hal and I left the band, some of the chemistry was gone. Of course the next person that would follow was Mikkey. Maybe if we convince Mikkey to come back and we compose a new album like the old days, we would have a chance …

It would be extremely difficult but I think you could have a shot at it. You are the best person to tell us how much your promotional methods have changed since the new millennium! Do you feel that everything is easier and better now?
I don’t know for sure. I have mixed feelings regarding it and still I haven’t seen the big advantage of this online madness. In some ways I think it was better before with labels handling all that promo stuff and we only had to concentrate on the performance and be musicians. Time will show if this deal is better and workable. Today, I just know it’s hard to make any money from selling albums and makes it harder to tour. But we will see…

What exactly happened with “Blakk Totem”? Why wasn't it all that successful?
I signed with CMC International which got bought up by a pop label and they of course dropped me. But the album will be re-released by MBM.

I think that is great news! Are there any tour dates confirmed for Greece territory?
I love playing in Greece! Such hardcore and devoted fans! We are working on that and we are looking for the right promoter to handle Greece and other countries.

Thank you for all that inside information. I am waiting to bang my head with your release! Add any final comments, in your unique "delicate" style!
I hope to see you all on our tour and "All good things for those who wait". I know all you Diamond Bangers will enjoy the album and that if we meet maybe we can have a cup of tea... STAY BLAKK AND HEAVY!!!!!



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