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Artillery - with Morten and Michael - 2009

Out of the blue, "Artillery" has released a DVD and is now aiming for a new album, this after a long period of silence. Morten and Michael, guitarists for the band, are the best two to give us the inside scoop...

Prior internet, bands could survive from the sales of the albums...

Morten (Artillery) - 2009


First of all, I definitely have to ask why you stopped releasing albums. It has been a really long time since your last release (“B.A.C.K.” 1999).
Morten: Well, we haven't really been together as a band since '99, only for a few occasions, so it hasn't really been relevant to release anything. Also I think it's a little sad, because I really enjoy playing with Artillery, but it's not that easy to keep a band together for so many years. But it seems, that Carsten and Peter has got their “second wind” now, and with our new singer, Søren, who actually likes what he's doing, it seemed to be the right time now.
The problem was that Flemming didn't really want to continue playing metal as much as the rest of us and we didn’t play more than 3 concerts between 2000 and 2004, so it was real hard to make new songs or even record a new album with odds like that. There was no other way out if we still wanted Artillery to go on. We had to replace Flemming.

I feel like you really wanted to release a DVD. How do you feel about this big step for the band?
Morten : First of all, the DVD released mostly to signify our reunion to the audience. A new era of the band has started. This can best be accomplished by presenting our old songs with a new member. Furthermore, during the past years we didn’t have that many opportunities to play for our fans all around the world, but now it's possible for them to get a taste with the DVD
Michael: Making a DVD was a great opportunity for us to give something back to all those headbangers, who supported the band through the years and was also a new media for us to try, so we all are really excited about it.

Have you ever thought about how things have changed between the 80's and the new millennium in the music industry. Vinyl analog music has turned to digital format, and now there are visuals. Do you miss that glorious era?
Morten: Actually I'm not worried about the new technology, though it was certainly more charming to sit with the big LP cover than to turn on the iPod, but nevertheless metal is metal no matter how you listen. The advantage from all these is that now people actually enjoy the concerts more than before, because it's more “real” than the digital media.
Yes sometimes. It was a great thing to hold a new vinyl in your hands and take a look at the cover etc. It seems like the making of vinyl has experience resurgence, and their sales are up too, but you can't stop progress or change it all back…

Staying with that topic, can you tell us your thoughts about the internet? Do you think it has helped music or not?
Morten: I'm not so sure about that, it is hard to say. Prior internet bands could survive from the sales of the albums, but since many people download nowadays, it is not easy anymore. On the contrary it is easier to spread your name and music now, so maybe more people will come to a concert, buy t-shirts etc. Maybe the internet has helped artistically, but not commercially...
Michael: I think the internet has two faces. The bad thing is that people download songs from small bands and the good thing is you can spread your music in all around the world in a second.

Certainly. Which bands are you listening to at this point in your lives?
Morten: I still listen to my old favourites; I mean Sabbath, Metallica, Exodus and so on. I do not listen so much the newer thrash metal, I prefer mostly bands like Circle II Circle, Oliva's Pain etc.
Michael: I still listen to nearly the same stuff like the seventies heavy rock, the eighties thrash metal and also some bands from 90s and this millennium.

You participated in the “Metalmania Festival 2008” which is included on the DVD. The crowd underneath was really crazy! You can still deliver a great live show! What do you remember most from that night?
Morten: I remember how strange it actually was to play again for such a big crowd! But also I remember how great it was to see many people, after all these years, still remembering our songs. I didn't really expect that.
Michael: A lot of fun, a lot of support from happy Polish headbangers, a well organized festival, many fine bands and a really great step in our way to get “B.A.C.K.” in business again. (laughing). I hope we will play in Poland again.

It was a great thing to hold a new vinyl in your hands and take a look at the cover etc...

Michael (Artillery) - 2009


Tell us your plans for the future. I will only accept “a new album” as an answer! (laughing).
Morten: Well, well... a new album! (laughing). For now, nothing is scheduled regarding actual recordings, but we are currently composing and rehearsing new songs, and the plan is to release a new album early next year. We are trying really hard to make the ultimate Artillery album, which should make the long wait worth it!
Michael: You can be sure that we are going to make a new album, we already have 4 new songs and ideas for six or seven new ones. Also, touring a lot in Greece… In fact we were really close to book a concert in Greece at one point.

I know, but things like that can happen… Hope to see you soon here and hear the new material! Thank you for such a good DVD release. The end belongs to you!
Morten: First of all, if you wish to support metal, then buy the albums and t-shirts and go to the concerts, otherwise the smaller bands will not survive. Also, spread the word about metal, we have had enough of MTV and things like that. Finally, thank you for allowing me to spend my holiday in your beautiful country with so many friendly people! (laughing).
Michael: I want to thank all the Greek headbangers and you for this interview. See you next year on tour. Keep banging!


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