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Queensryche - with Michael Wilton - 2009

Michael “the whip” Wilton, the famous guitarist of Queensryche, decided to create his first solo album. We grabbed the chance to learn more…

I consider myself first and foremost a musician rather than a god...

Michael Wilton (Queensryche) - 2009


It was a great surprise for me to hear that finally, after 2 decades of experience in metal music, you decided to create your first solo album. What are your feelings about this and why did you decide to do it now?
I think it is time to get out of my box and rip it up and have a hell of a good time. As a musician it is always an advantage to stretch the limits of your creativity, it feeds your mind and gives a healthy different viewpoint for Queensryche.

What should we expect from the personal album of Wilton the "whip"? Will it sound different? Tell us a bit about it...
Since Queensryche most of lately is mid tempo to slow I think I will rev up the BPM’s and drink a few red bulls!

(laughing). That was good! Being the guitarist of one of the living-legend bands, “Queensryche”, it would be natural for you to lose your mind and act like "god of riffs" or "guitar hero" or "exposing your life" etc. In contradiction your steps and reactions shows exactly the opposite. Can you tell us why you chose this direction?
I try and keep life in perspective. I consider myself first and foremost a musician rather than a god. I guess I am the tool that is always perpetuating random carvings.

How did the collaboration with Rat Pack Records come about?
Myspace was the first initial meeting. Once a mutual trust was formed then everything began spinning.

You are heading on a European Tour with Queensryche. What are your memories of the European metalheads?
I love metal music and always will. I especially remember the Metallica “...And Justice for All” tour. During that era there was an extreme honest militia of metal fans who were absorbed into the music as well as the event.

I am sure that your playlist will include many songs from the new Queensryche album "American Soldier". Will you play other songs from your entire career? Anything special that I should know and write about?
Obviously we will be promoting the new album to some extent but we have been rehearsing some old tunes from "Rage for Order" that will make their way into the set.

Care to share a funny story about something that happened while on tour?
We were playing a show in Canada in a theater/club. The crowd was amazing and really into our show. I noticed out in front of me this hot girl getting all friendly with this lucky guy. Then she disappeared so I could only see the top of her head. Well the security would not allow any lewd behavior so they grabbed them and through them out of the club. They signaled for a police officer. When the officer began writing a citation he noticed the girl was his …wife! (laughing).

(Laughing). Well that was really amazing! And they missed the show too…! I think you enjoy being on stage more than in the studio…
…Being in the studio releases creativity in a personal nature. On stage you’re reacting and connecting to the crowd. They are two different …animals!

Progress in technology is inevitable so you either grasp it and reinvent yourself or you get lost in the shuffle...

Michael Wilton (Queensryche) - 2009


The internet brought a new dimension to nearly everything. How did this affect you as a well-known band?
Progress in technology is inevitable so you either grasp it and reinvent yourself or you get lost in the shuffle.

That was a good reply! What actions would you suggest to a new band in order to succeed?
You have to promote yourself in any way you can. Use the Internet to your advantage. Play live anywhere you can. Make connections with promoters and independent record companies. Get your band on a big festival.

Thank you so much for your time and for your great music performance! Keep up with the great work and stay heavy till the end! Feel free to finish the interview in your unique "whipping" way!
Thank you for all the years of support. Remember to always support live music because that is how most music is surviving. If you are on the internet check out my sites.


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