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Moonspell - with Ribeiro - 2009

Moonspell released their first DVD (entitled "Lucitanian Metal") and of course I found Ribeiro in order to learn more things about it...

There must be some history behind a band in order to release a DVD

Ribeiro (Moonspell) - 2009


The first thing that I actually saw was the cover of the DVD. I am very happy that you chose again to work with Seth, he is a great Greek artist! He is surely great! (laughing). He did a good job in “Night Eternal” but I think this time he got even better!

I was sure about that. How important is the cover for a release? The cover is what people see first. An eye catching cover always helps! Personally I want to deliver a great product to the fans. I place cover and graphics as a priority.

Your presence in the music industry dates back for over one decade, still you never released a DVD. I think everyone was waiting for that move… To be honest I got many messages regarding this. There must be some history behind a band in order to release a DVD. I have many times seen newcomer bands that release live albums or DVDs and I feel strange. These are for commercial reasons only and I really don’t know if it helps the band itself…




The DVD was about to hit the market in 2005 from Century Media, but something went wrong...

Ribeiro (Moonspell) - 2009


...I truly think you are right. I hate seeing bands that release DVDs especially when they have nothing really important to show you… …True. So I thought that this was the right moment to make this step and create the DVD.

I know that the DVD was not released on time, what did exactly happen?Well, the DVD was about to hit the market in 2005 from Century Media. But something went wrong with the schedule and some inside matters in the label and there was a delay. Actually we took advantage of that delay because we had more than enough time to create something more interesting for the fans. The first idea was to create a live DVD but now we have included a documentary film of Moonspell and also video clips and other goodies…

How did you decide to record the show from Katowice? I think because the DVD was released from the Polish Metal Mind Productions… Not at all. The show was great, the fans were fantastic, they were even singing the lyrics of our songs. It was the “Metal Mania festival” and there were bands like Testament and Kreator. The atmosphere was impressive so we decided to make this show our DVD.

So you are satisfied from the result? Absolutely! (laughing)

(laughing). Ok, is there anything that you can tell me about a new studio album? A possible title for instance? Well, there is nothing ready yet. Some ideas are inside my head but nothing is certain already.

Thank you for your time! I feel that you have to end this interview saying whatever you wish to the Greek fans. Thank you too for the interview. I hope everyone enjoyed this DVD like we did. You Greeks are fantastic! The shows in Greece were definitely important for us. Cheers!




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