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The Source - 2009

The debut album of the Greek band “The Source” was a pleasant surprise. Furthermore, the members of this band are coming from the ashes of the group “Negative Creeps”. What was really happened? Let’s find out together...

The lyrics are about exposing and opposing to the faults of our present worldwide society...

The Source - 2009












Let us know the reason that you stopped the "Negative Creeps" band?
This is something that nearly all ask about. Well, we realised after so many years, that Negative Creeps had come to its conclusion. We were getting confused about the genre of our music as people thought that we were too hardcore for the metal music and too metal for the hardcore music. A fresh new start was the best alternative solution for us. We are closer to our roots now and we play a specific kind of metal which we like and learned to love many years ago.

Are you satisfied with the result of your first release? Tell me few things about it.
I believe that we are very satisfied with the result. It was a big effort, especially from JB who was in charge of  the production, the mixing and also the mastering. He was bringing new and different ideas from times to times  until we ended up with the current result. From the complete project’s perspective,  to the sound, the artwork and the concept ,generally all is very satisfying.

I will surely agree with it! Which are the main ideas that you wish to express with your lyrics?
The lyrics are talking about everyday’s life experiences. They are about exposing and opposing to the faults of our present worldwide society. There are also lyrics inspired by personal thoughts and experiences. You can also find an expression of the above through an allegorical way.

Do you think that the Greek underground scene has gone better and why?
There is a positive change. The bands someone can listen to nowadays are working in a more professional way. The groups seem to be more demanding from themselves. There are many bands that have passed the Greek borders and also supporting a foreign band in a gig has become the rule and not the exception. If the fans realize that here in Greece much better bands than the foreign ones can be found, things will get even better.

Now you have to say few things about your future plans.
We are already working on new material but our priority is still the participation in live shows. We are also arranging some live shows outside the borders. Finally, because of the recent release of our debut CD we are making the necessary moves to spread our music.

Keep up the good work guys! Finish the interview the way you wish.
Thank you very much for you interest and this interview. To all the people out there... Keep your mind safe! Beeeerz!


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