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Deine Lakaien - March 2009 - Athens Greece


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this night! There are some bands that you think that they will never play live in front of you! And for me, a band like this is Deine Lakaien! When I was watching those musicians during the show I still couldn’t believe my eyes!



Leo Skiadas

Well, not before I got in Gagarin 205 did I get used to that idea on that rainy! A dj set by Leo Skiadas was the opening act in order to prepare the audience for what was about to follow. Good job, with songs that fit the style of the headliners!


Deine Lakaien

It was eleven o’ clock when Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov appeared on stage with two more musicians. The opening song was “Lonely” and afterwards “Slowly Comes my Night”…please, don’t ask me about the order of the rest of the other songs…there was so much magic inside that venue that my memory can’t recall much! I can only say that when Veljanov grabs the microphone and Horn touches the piano keys, an emotional vortex transports you into another sphere. “Over and Done”, “Reincarnation”, “Into my Arms”, “Dark Star”, “Mindmachine” and “Return” were some parts of the set of the evening. One of the highlights of the night was the blasting performance of “Overpaid”! The cello player transformed it in guitar and imagine how cool is someone holding an electric cello like a guitar and playing it! In the same song, Alexander’s voice went from high to top while he was trying high notes! A song where both the band and the crowd turned the night into a party!


Deine Lakaien showed for another time that is a band with a quality music, class and deep thinking before saying anything. In that show, on their almost two hours set, anything they said were well-counted, with no intention to hurt anyone, even when Veljanov said “where I am…where you are?” after prolonging his solo album Porta Macedonia. Of course, the song “Where you Are” followed.
In the encore we had the opportunity to listen the unique ballad “Wunderbar”, a song that is worth of each tear shed… I can’t recall the other songs…maybe I’m still there…maybe I can’t return…



  • Over and Done
  • Reincarnation
  • Into my Arms
  • Dark Star
  • Mindmachine
  • Return
  • Mirror Men
  • Overpaid
  • Where you are
  • Wunderbar


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