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Crematory - March 2009 - Athens Greece


To be honest, I'd rather leave the country than have to be in CREMATORY's position that night... The venue was cool and the day was a nice but bit rainy Saturday! However, people couldn't afford another concert in the last ten days! Quite high ticket price and a festival taking place in the same day (Up the Hammers IV) made the crowd to prefer being elsewhere. Having such a big band and less than 100 people in the crowd it can only makes you feel pity.



Crematory is a cool band and they always turn the gig into a party, like they did this time, apart from the fact that they were almost alone! Actually, this fact shows how proffesional they are as they appeared on stage with no hesitation whether they should play or not even in front of such a small crowd. They don't have the "rock star" attitude and this -at least for me- counts as much as their performance!


Into the show now, the first track was "Remember" and then "Fly" was the one to follow. Many hits were played like "Tick Tack", "Greed" and "Pray". The audience had already started headbaning and I'm sure that from this night noone left withouth having a backache! Mr. Stass was in a good moon and it showed! In "Tears of Time", after joking a bit with a young girl in the front row, the band's performance went from high to top! The whole venue was shaking and the party had already begun!


Three were the highlights of the night: Firstly, the lyric-mix in "The Fallen"! They put some lines from "The Trooper" (Iron Maiden) into "The Fallen". Secondly, during the encore people from the band's crew joined the crowd into the pit! Of course, while listening to "Raining Blood/Arise"! And in the end, the cover at "Temple of Love" by Brothers of Mercy....ooops!! "Sisters I mean!" as Mr. Stass said!


It was a really great gig, and if you're reading the report now, I'm sure that you'd wish to be there! It's really magic how some bands turn their concerts into a party with nothing to separate them from the crowd...apart from the bars in front of the stage! Actually, that's the point of playing music: enjoying time with people and sharing thoughts and emotions!



  • Remember
  • Fly
  • Tick Tack
  • Greed
  • Klagebilder
  • Pray
  • Hollenbrand
  • Tears of Time
  • Revolution
  • Resurrection
  • Left the Ground
  • Kein Liebeslied
  • Shining
  • I never die
  • Temple of Love
  • Perils of the Wind

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