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Exumer - April 2009 - Athens Greece


Walking along “On Stage” club I already knew that I was going to attend a concert full of thrash bands headlined by the German EXUMER. Talking about thrash metal, an endless mosh pit and loud guitars combined with fast drum. Speed comes to our mind. But this statement could describe only a few of what happened that night!




It was Convixion who appeared first, a good band from Athens who focuses on drinking rather than on writing music. They were formed in 2002 but still have only two songs on their MySpace player. Convixion has played many lives and has also supported Brocas Helm in a gig. We surely expect much more from these guys!


Mortal Threat

Right after, a newer band appeared on stage. Mortal Threat formed in 2005 and even though they’re quite new, I was expecting to listen to pure thrash metal music, they played with passion! And that’s what I finally got! Even if they were a bit anxious during their two first songs, they managed to get rid of it and offered us a very good performance.


Mentally Defiled

After a short break in order to re-arrange the equipment on stage, the lights went darker and artificial smoke filled the small club. Mentally Defiled showed up and started to play their songs. The mosh pit had already formed and boys were ‘dancing’ during the band’s whole performance. Beer was flying where the fight was getting tougher and the band continued rocking on stage!


Benefactor Decease

When Mentally Defiled finished their set, it was time for Benefactor Decease to play. Their ultra violent thrash metal (as they describe their music) was the right choice just before Exumer’s show. Benefactor Decease is a band consisted from very young people, full of creativity and passion for metal! When I first listened to their music I thought that they would have a very experienced male singer. On the contrary, they are female fronted! At last, a very special thrash band in Greece with female brutal vocalist! However, the band’s performance lasted only fifteen minutes, while the sound problems couldn’t be fixed. The drummer was the one who tried to save the situation with his solo, but that didn’t do much. Highlight of the night, apart from EXUMER’s performance, was the fact that right after when Benefactor stepped off stage, a very drunk or really mad guy from the crowd, who was definitely the mosh pit champion, grabbed the microphone and started singing children’s songs with a brutal voice! It was something funny, but still cold.



Another short break followed for the crowd to refill our glasses of beer and for the musicians to tune their instruments. Right after that, the atmosphere was prepared for what was about to follow: an endless mosh pit. The whole club started moshing just when EXUMER appeared on stage after their very atmospheric and evil intro! The band came on stage in a mood to destroy the club! Their energy was amazing and their sound was pretty good, despite the problems mentioned before.

However, I didn’t realize how fast time passed and I don’t know if it happened due to the short duration of thrash songs or because of the energy that the band transferred to the crowd. In any case, you feel really grateful watching a band formed by friends and not by colleagues. Even though Mem and Ray decided to leave the band after their ‘goodbye show’ in Wacken on 2001, they are now back with both vocalists offering to their fans amazing shows, full of energy and heavy breathtaking thrash metal music!


Theodora Panariti



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