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Takara - Invitation to Forever review

Progrock Records / Lion Music

Well this is obviously THE come-back that will shock all the fans of Hard Rock and traditional Heavy Metal. Takara have returned with a new album, seven years after their previous Perception Of Reality release. It is not only the re activation of this great band form North Hollywood, California that makes us all so happy. It is the fact that they simply have managed to release the best Hard Rock / Traditional Heavy Metal record of 2008. If you want to listen to something inspired, powerful, catchy and melodic in those beloved Hard Rock / Heavy Metal forms you are familiar with then your next move should be to check out this record. Here we got 12 fantastic songs that should be played loud and even louder! The difficult case in here is to pick some specific tracks as the entire record is a great piece of inspired rocking Steel and all the songs rule! Gustavo Monsanto does the trick delivering some great vocals in here and if you still miss Jeff Scott Soto -who was the trademark voice of the band- he is here to do some backing vocals. You will also enjoy the magic guitar playing of Neal Grusky that offers some great leads and melodies in here that slot in the correct place upon the rhythm wall of Bjorn Englen (Bass) and Patrick Johannson (Drums). Oh yes the keyboards of Brook Hansen are here to offer the final touch to the magic. Invitation To Forever is one of those records that really stays into your mind not only due to the inspired songwriting of the band but also due to the excellent instrument performances of the musicians and the crystal clear production. For me it is a huge must for all the fans of Hard Rock and Traditional heavy Metal, so do not miss it for all the gold of the world!



Good atmosphere, catchy songs.

Jeff Scott Soto is only doing some backing vocals

8 out of 10


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