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Blood Ceremony - Blood Ceremony review

Rise Above Records

Leaving aside the somehow negative background that has been shaped for this band by various people due to their deal canceling with Shadow Kingdom Records in order to sign with Rise Above Records, I have to focus to the music which is of course the main part that counts for anyone who do not care about this kind of stuff. Labels and bands can find a way after all, the listener cares only about music and it is a fact that the music included in this magnificent debut is something for sure not to be missed. There has been a little wave of bands playing that kind of 70s mysterious, dark and heavy rock music, very often they expand the whole thing diving in a specific dressing code or performing and recording using instruments straight from that 70s era in order to re produce that very special retro sound on stage and studio. The sound of bands like Witchcraft, Burning Saviors, Graveyard, Winters and many others would satisfy all of you who want to turn on the time machine and travel back in an era when rock music was heavier and more adventurous. I would pick the debut album by those Canadians and put it on the top of the list of all those bands that are using the spells of Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelin to create some new magic. Well two are the main great features of this band that attracted me the most: the usage of flute and the usage of female vocals. The basis of their music is those dark haunted and electrified guitars touched by a strange kind of magic able to create beautiful melodies and heavy riffs that often carry a doomy vibe. Bass and drums are there to create a stone wall but the female vocals and the flute are offering this very final spell that would turn the music of Blood Ceremony into a darkly attractive piece of retro black art. Just close your eyes and you would be able to see the witches flying in the sky… this is the trip that Blood Ceremony gets you into leaving enough space in their music for dark melodies that “narrates” to the listener stories about wines of wizardy, hidden into covens, hunted by children of the future as they are signing hymns to pain just before their return to forever… Hey am I still here or have I been hypnotized by those ceremonial keyboards finding their own way into the songs (another great feature on this album). I am already addicted to Blood ceremony…



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