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Cornerstone - Head Over Heels review

Atom Records

It is a little bit difficult to get stuck in the keyboard and write about Cornerstone simply because someone would for sure get stuck to their music leaving the review writing ability behind. Anyway I will give a try. This great band from Austria delivers a nice mix of melodic Hard Rock enforced by many AOR and progressive touches. Their female fronted songs are catchy and VERY emotional, meanwhile adventurous. They are carefully building their music upon an inspired songwriting basis that wants the final result to be melodic and catchy but NOT pop oriented. So get ready to discover lots of hidden melodies in their songs and lots of influences that would flashback you to the golden 70s and 80s era of Hard Rock. Want an example? Well, listen carefully and you would discover a Wishbone Ash inspired melody on the second “Regret” song of the album, for sure not to be found on any typical AOR release of the week. “Leave” is one of the greatest songs I have listened the past years, I must have heard it about 30 (!) times on the repeat only this week and if you are searching for a Hard Rocking AOR anthem for the years to come “Ready To Go” is your song. I would prefer the production to be a little –just a pick- more powerful- with the vocals and the rhythm section just one click higher in the mix. But this is my personal opinion after all. The record is a must. It includes so fucking inspired music capable for those who still are in the search of some good tunes no matter the musical genre. Go for it and if you still do not like it I would buy a second copy for myself.



Catchy music lines

Production should be better

8.5 out of 10

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