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Dark Vision - Bestial Remedy review

Self Financed

Dark Vision strikes back after a long time since their last release. But what do we have here? Dark Vision finally managed to include the power of their live performance inside this mini-cd. The production is very good and that was the main problem of the previous releases (including demos). The mini-cd includes 5 tracks from the upcoming full length album and it is a delicate digipack release. The compositions are raw and sometimes melodic. There are good atmospheric parts and aggressive vocals. The storming rhythm section forced me to bang my head for the first time in Dark Vision’s history! Hey guys, why don’t you change your name as you made a great step, leaving the amateur ideas behind? Can’t keep waiting for your album.



A Great come back!

They must change their name in order to escape from their past.

7.5 out of 10


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