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Apostle of Solitude - Sincerest Misery review

Eyes Like Snow

Following this great band since its demo days I was very excited to see their full length album finally on release and I am happy to notice that their high quality, heavy as hell inspired Doom Metal is still their trademark. With their music based both on Pure and Epic Doom Metal standards the band’s new material will leave you speechless. Their Doom is tombstone heavy, riff based full of hate, pain and sorrow but still melodic –in its own dark way- and passionate enough to make you press the play button again and again on the CD player. Their songs are powerful and their basic riffs are haunted by this magical touch of Sabbath, Vitus or early Count Raven. On the other hand they are getting even more melodic adding some beautiful guitar leads while they are spreading hose wonderful –still angry sometimes- vocals around the compositions. So I guess you got the point. They are too technical, melodic and complex to let them in the list of the Pure Doom Metal bands but on the same time they are too fucking Heavy, angry and old school sounding to point them as a straight Epic Doom Metal band. Another thing that I enjoyed in their music is their long instrumental pieces of music full of a Black atmosphere. Those musical approaching based on clean melodic guitars, Doom riffing and twisted guitar solos are very enjoyable. Do you remember this magnificent same titled debut album by Abdullah (before they dive in the Stoner sound). Well Apostle of Solitude sound quite similar but in a much heavier and solid version. Well the analysis is over. Here we got some magnificent Doom Metal with balls. Check this album out if you still are into to Heavy as Hell DOOM. Did I make myself clear? Hope so…





8.5 out of 10


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