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Dawn of Winter - The Peaceful Dead review

Massacre Records

I would expect nothing more and nothing less than excellent, solid, dark and heavier than hell Doom Metal by those Germans. It is a fact that they have manage to satisfy all my expectation with this great “The Peaceful Dead” release. In this record we shall hear mournful Doom Metal with Epic touches, a deep esoteric felling of melancholy and the ultimate band’s trademark which is no other than Gerrit’s vocals. The heavy, mid tempo, solid riffing is the main feature of the music in here, it is the basis of each song and then of course come the vocals to complete the puzzle. Every single tombstone riff is waiting for those dark voice melodies in order for the Dawn Of winter magic to be completed. Dawn Of Winter are offering their music in simple and straight structures, meanwhile they sound so inspired and into the point that would make you think once again that if musical inspiration is in so high levels then simplicity is the key point that would make this inspiration to reach its crescendo. In a few words just sit down and ask yourself when was the last time that you have listened a great riff and a great vocal melody in a Doom Metal record, ask yourself when was the last time that you really stack to a record. Well in straight Doom ways Dawn Of Winter have managed to offer the magic once again and let us simply ask for more listening of their great The Peaceful Dead release.



Excellent piece of work!

I just wanted more songs! Am I the only one?

9 out of 10


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