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Memory Garden - Carnage Carnival review

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Since the early nineties every selective release of the Swedish Doomsters Memory Garden was a huge example of inspired Steel. Evolving their style from album to album they managed to mix the brilliant Epic Doom Metal that they have presented in their debut Tides (1996) album –and of course their marvelous Forever EP- with some explosive Power Metal elements like the ones we first have heard back in the Verdict Of Prosperity (1998) and Mirage (2000) records. This brilliant mixture finally became the musical trademark of a band that have now returned back in action and so kindly offered us a passionate and powerful piece of Metal Art. Yes, I am referring to their latest Carnage Carnival release. This release marks the re activation of the band that returns back in business stronger than ever. All those into Memory Garden are aware of the long waiting for this album that is finally over. Memory Garden is back: a new album, a new website, a brand new MySpace and the most important: a victorious return on stage. A new bass player joined the reborn band and the journey through the Garden Of Memories has started again. It is a fact that Swedish Doomsters have never quit or split. The Marion EP offered us a little sweet taste of their Doom Metal and a perfect new version of their probably best composition but we needed much more than this. Now we got it. It is their new album. The forces of Memory Garden have given their best to offer us a great release: Vocalist Stefan Berglund and his clean melodic vocals perfectly fitting in the band’s old school Doom Metal, guitarist Simon Johansson -who is famous for his ingenious guitar skills in Steel Attack and of course the mighty Abstract Algebra- offers us his great melodies and leads and of course the axe of Mr Anders Loostrφm gives a special touch to the new album. Of course it is a fact that the music of the Garden would not be so heavy and solid with out the rhythm stonewall of bassist Johan Fredrikson (also Sodomizing Christ) and drummer Tom Bjφrn/Johansson (well known from Memento Mori, and Swedish Nightingale). But what are we really going to hear in this album? The solid, mysterious and melodic Epic Doom Metal Of Memory Garden enforced by some really Heavy, catchy and still adventurous Power Metal all these blessed and haunted by the heavenly voice of Stefan Berglund and a magical guitar playing strong and passionate both in the riffs and the main melodies and leads as well. Candlemass (from their debut era until Chapter V and even more) and Solitude Aeturnus (first two records mainly) can be mentioned as the greater influences in here but the Heavy and Power Metal moments of the record will bring into your mind some hand picked legends of traditional Steel. Yes there are many magic riffs and melodies that reminded me of the first era of my beloved Rainbow, but I guess that their spirit is able to wonder in every piece of inspired Metal and yes the new Memory Garden masterpiece is something much more than an inspired Metal album. It is one of the very few times that I let a new release flow on my stereo speakers being unable to press the stop or forward button simply because I can not find a boring musical moment, with every new listening a new little musical treasure is awaiting ,offering a great listening enjoyment thanks to the great music (of course) and the crystal clear and heavy as fucking hell production that the band have manage to create for their latest masterpiece. I guess that everyone in good Metal music that searches for real riffing, inspired and apocalyptic melodies and explosive Power Metal breakings will enjoy this record. On the other hand the fans of Epic Doom Metal –which is the main focus point in the album- will find their heaven in here. Well for me Memory Garden have managed to release the album of the year 2008. It is worth being checked out by every fan of good Metal Music. Well I guess that I need not write something more, another listening of this great release is much better. Cheers to the Garden!



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Rank says it all!

Rank says it all!

9.5 out of 10


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