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The Lamp of Thoth - Portents Omens and Dooms review

The Miskatonic Foundation

Back with a review about The Lamp Of Thoth from Keighley, UK that teturn with their debut full length. For those who are still unaware of the band I must point out that they play an inspired mixture of Pure Doom Metal with Traditional Heavy Metal touches inspired by Witchfinder General, Hell, Ritual and similar NWOBHM bands. The much more improved –compared to the demo and the EP- haunted vocals, the heavier than your demons riffing, the guitar leads that drives the listener straight back in the beginning of the 80s and the passionate drumming of Lady Pentagram are some of the puzzle’s pieces. We got much more in here, the song titles, the lyrics and in general the whole concept of the band dealing with the Occult adds much more to their general attitude. All those brought to you by people who worship nothing more than Heavy Metal, yes only such people would make covers in Cirith Ungol and Race Against Time. Moreover their music got this foggy British touch that many Doom Metal bands from the United Kingdom are carrying in their tunes as well and this of course makes the final musical result even darker and fading to deep black. Anyway if you want a good mixture of Doom and Heavy Metal possessed by Witches and Demons this is your album so stay tuned cause we got more in the near future coming from this band.



Memories from the Golden Era of Metal

Production could have been better

8 out of 10


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