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The Wandering Midget - The Serpent Coven review

Eyes Like Snow

Diving even deeper into the vaults of Doom Metal following the black light of Reverend Bizarre, I can surely say that The Wandering Midget are the most faithful followers of the biggest Finnish Doom Metal band concept both musically and lyrically (ok you can add Cardinal’s Folly from Helsinki as well and notice that the Finnish Doom Metal is still possessed by the Reverend). But I will do no justice to the band if I point them as an 100% Reverend Bizarre clone, because it is clear that album by album they are getting heavier ,adding some more traditional Metal touches inspired by the mighty Witchfinder General and similar bands of the dark side of NWOBHM. Compared with their debut I Am The Gate EP, now they sound much more solid and even more focused to their dark haunted Doom Metal ceremony. They have enforced their songs with some interesting lead themes and their riffing is much more heavier enforced by this hammering rhythm section that makes you want to turn up the volume in higher levels. I must also point that the vocals are much more improved compared with their previous release. Well some more Pure Doom Metal, from a band that got all the passion needed to play it. We need it for sure and we need it darker, yes, the way that The Wandering Midget are offering it to us.



A great Finnish Doom Metal band!

I am doomly satisfied!

8 out of 10


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