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Retro Grave - Again review

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Surprises are hard to be found in Doom Metal. If you hardly follow the genre you probably are familiar with the musical stereotypes of the genre, you know what to wait from a Doom Metal record: Heaviness, tombstone riffs, apocalyptic melodies, great vocals and flashing lead guitar themes, those are basically the main features of Traditional and Epic Doom Metal which is the main basis in this musical darkness… and yes in every new record you are prepared enough and wait for all those features to be given in an inspired way to satisfy you. Each album could be the best album in the world or the worst ever recording but the stereotypes are almost the same, the music makes the actual difference. But when was the last time that you got surprised by listening a Doom Metal record? For me it was when I listened to the “Again” debut full length of Retro Grave. The band is the spiritual child of Jeff “Oly” Olson who is for sure familiar to you as the drummer in the golden age of US doomsters Trouble. At first Oly has announced a remake of the classic “Run To The Light” album originally released by Trouble, this would finally happen by Trouble themselves as now Oly is focused on his personal musical journey under the Retro Grave moniker, well it could not have better than this. Are you still wondering why? In their debut Retro Grave are delivering the greatest Doom Metal I have heard recently. Yes here we got heavy as Hell meanwhile hypnotic Doom Metal, built in progressive structures, blessed by a retro touch but meanwhile enforced by epic riiffs and apocalyptic melodies. The ultimate trademark in here is Jeff’s vocals. Well this crystal clear voice painted by the colors of darkness is just what a fucking Doom Metal record needs. Retro Grave could be thinking man’s next musical pick as someone would do no justice to their great music, describing it simply as Doom Metal. We got many musical elements and influences in here, we got a river of inspiration, a strange still magnificent atmosphere and –I would write it again- this voice… haunting this musical painting. Hey Doom fans… do not turn your page the basis is ultra fucking Doom Metal but the ship travels much longer for there and I like it. I like it because the music is inspired, it keeps the basic features of good Doom Metal opening wings to darkly purple skies. Yes there is a serious 70s, psychedelic touch in here but it is one of the few times that it is spread in an inspired way through the music. I got to make a self apology because when I first read about the band I thought that it will be again one of those wannabe 7s “retro” bands that have flooded the market –yes a few of them are great but this is not for your everyday “wanna get back in 1973” band-. Well I was wrong. Retro Grave is much more than this. They got their retro touch but their sound is so unique to fit in the plastic retro box. For sure one of my favorites for this year. I got to check their EP as well and I will do it for sure. Until then I advise you to give them a try! They deserve it!



An impressive start for the band!

Production needs to be more powerful

8 out of 10

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