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Swedish Hitz Goes Metal - review


Doolittle Group

Tommy ReinXeed (aka Toony Johansson and yes I know you are familiar with him from ReimXeed / Golden Resurrection) is actually behind this ambitious project called Swedish Hitz Goes Metal. The main concept is the transformation of some of the biggest hits by the Swedish bands Abba, Roxette and Ace Of Base. Yeah I know those bands are basically belonging to the Pop musical genre and that is why the word “transformation” is used. Well some of the magical guitar playing and some of the really good vocals of Tommy will give even more power -and passion- to those trademark-songs and the result would be an ideal party record. Fair enough. This was made for moments of joy and this is the way it should be treated. Leave your analysis mode behind and grab the chance to listen some classic pop hits under a Metal approach by a talented musician. Great chance to dance once again by the melodies of “Mama Mia”, “The Look”, “Summer Night City”, “Lay All Your Love On Me” etc, this time with some more electric guitar laid around their melodies... come on I know you like it.



A good idea

8 out of 10


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