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Sepultura - Kairos - review


Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Blast managed to release the first release of Sepultura under their umbrella. The 12th studio album of Sepultura is much more straightfarward to the listener and that is what was missing from their latest releases. Still are far away from their early days. I am not seeing ghosts. I know that this will never happen again. Different times, different age, different music industry... I will not say that Sepultura are in the sunset of their career, I will say that they open a new one (or at least they try to...) and we all will decide if we will follow / accept it or not. "Kairos" is a word with Greek root that means "Weather" but in certain circumstances means "Time". This is the main concept in the lyrics of the album. Groovy parts and the standard mid-tempo rhythm section that the band uses... No track is special.



A very good good release

Many things needs to be done for Sepultura

7 out of 10


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