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Metallica - Live At Grimeys - review



Oh! What is that? Metallica once again! Another EP! Live EP! From 2008! Ah! Their Old Logo! You know which one... The one that sold millions and made them what they are today, but they changed it (without change their name of course) in order to reach another fan base target group because those thunder-letters were TOO metal for the crowd they wished to gain... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Certainly. Do you think that anyone on earth would like to hear or better say BUY the 15345th version of "Seek and Destroy"? Performing in front of 175 people with small equipment showed clearly that you performed like there were 50000 fans below (and that is a plus). The cover is great (another plus). You try to get us back with those tricks? Now? NO! Sorry. I am belonging to the early TRUE & PURE Metallica releases/MASTERPIECES. Start respecting your fans.




Give them a coin... They are hungry or think we are stupid!

3 out of 10


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