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Forever Slave - Tales for Bad Girls review

Wacken Records

Forever Slave is a gothic band with female vocalist and compositions based on keyboards and computer programming. Standard things, you would say and I agree. Also you would say why did I take the decision to review this one? I wouldn’t, but they owe it to the fact that there are three songs (“Gasoline” “Larmes et Roses” and “The Lovers”) that have something to say emotionally and also in lyrics, I though I could spend a few lines. I would prefer to pay more attention to the passion of the singer next time (Except for “Gasoline”). I can’t forgive that lack of energy Lady Angellyca (vocals), sorry… Very good cover!



tracks “Gasoline” “Larmes et Roses” and “The Lovers”. Great cover!

Passion of the Vocalist

6 out of 10


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