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Symphony X - Iconoclast - review


Nuclear Blast

Symphony X is a band that delivers an album rarely (if you compare it with similar genre bands). The result? An epic release, maybe the release of the year. Shredding riffs, technical rhythm section, complex compositions, Explosive drum lines, powerful vocals... Those guys respect their fans by providing quality material in 100% of the total runtime of the cd. Why I say that? Simply they could had released 6 albums and not 2 in a period of 9 years. Their fans would follow, Symphony X would be richer, but what they show to me money is not what they primarily care for. Big Plus! Not like those... Long time ago prior placing such a high rank! Masterpiece!



The band respect their fans! Quite rare!

Needed more songs? YES!!! only in special (more expensive) edition release...

9 out of 10


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