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Daedalus - The Never Ending Illusion review

Galileo Records / Progrock Records

It seems that Awake and Scenes From A Memory by Dream Theater were albums that have offered great influence to Daedalus, this can be noticed to the stuff included into their second Never Ending Illusion release, which is no doubt a high quality Progressive Metal albums that just happens to carry some of the Dream Theater spirit. Leaving this fact behind here we got an emotional, melodic and deep Progressive Metal album, based on compositions presented under complex and technical structures. It seems that the band’s main goal is mostly to deliver emotional music using their performing abilities, so do not expect just ultra technical themes lacking of inspiration and emotion. It is a fact that the music trapped in this album drives the listener to a strange and beautiful trip, trips like this can be made only by the listening of good Progressive Metal albums and this is in fact a good one. Rush, Dream Theater, a little Queen and the personal magic touch of the band is the main elements that forms the final result. If you are into all these and still want more melody and emotion into your Prog Metal then give this album a try.



Good combination of sound influences

Maybe needed more vocal lines.

8 out of 10

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