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Travellers just joined Facebook community

Their official Facebook page is available under THIS link and includes promo photos, selected tracks taken from their debut album „A Journey Into The Sun Within” and more.
Travellers - that is the name of the new musical project brought into existence by Wojtek Szadkowski, known from his work in such acclaimed bands as Collage, Satellite, and Strawberry Fields. The band - with its lineup consisting of Robin (vocals), Grzegorz "sencha atta" Leczkowski (guitars), Krzysiek Palczewski (bass), and Wojtek Szadkowski (keys, drums) - has recently finished working on their debut album "A Journey into the Sun Within". The album consists of 6 tracks and as Wojtek Szadkowski explains: "It's a mixture of prog, ethnic music, the 80's, a large dose of magic and space, all of this crowned with Robin's beautiful voice..."

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