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PHASE updates


So there was a big interval again from the last update… The haunting that’s upon us made its presence clear and strange new phases have found us once more.


Alex has entered a new phase in his life cycle where he is called to fulfill his military service, a challenge keeping him away from us temporarily while we replaced his musical genius with two others’;  of Bill Liapis and Damos Harharidis who are already our friends for years… A fair trade…


Some series of unfortunate events led us to the cancellation of some nights while on some cases we resorted to some beautiful acoustic evenings on dark hillsides…


The new shape of Phase will debut in a charity festival (July 22nd) in our base’s neighboring Elassona (Forestival) as we are in discussions for several other dates. Some interviews are planned and by the time Backstage Records will release “In Consequence” in plastic the second album will be in the phase of production…

Live Reports





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