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Zeni Danussi - Highspeed Rider Press Release

Zeni Danussi brings us a new compilation of his new CD release, Highspeed Rider, with five new tracks.

This cd is a follow up from My Guitar Bleeds, which was released in 2010, with amazing reviews from  around the world.

Zeni Danussi delivers British modern rock, thrusting it into the rock airwaves, with true British rock roots.

Zeni Danussi will launch Highspeed Rider on a 1 hour special, Pheonix Radio - Let There Be Rock Show - 11 July, the CD - Highspeed Rider will be released on the 12th July 2011.


Highspeed Rider will be released through Zeni Danussi’s own label, ZDRecords, and will be distributed through the official site - www.zenidanussi.co.uk


Zeni Danussi is a Rock guitar virtuoso, playing solid rock instrumental. Zeni Danussi has been involved within the music industry for over 20 years, bringing rock energy within his writing / style.

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