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AXEMASTER - new vocalist - band info

After a short hiatus Ohio based Heavy Metal band Axemaster has officially reformed and has begun songwriting for the next Axemaster release. Original Axemaster members Joe Sims and Brian Henderson have returned to the band and they have also recruited a new Vocalist in Tony Webster (Archetype, ex-Mo Rage) for the upcoming release. Founding member and guitar player Joe Sims had this to say:

"I couldn't be happier with how things have turned out and being back as Axemaster. I've been in a few bands over the last 20 years but Axemaster has always been the one I've been known for and is by far my favorite. I'm actually really glad that Inner Terror didn't go under the name Axemaster because the music we did on that CD just wasn't "axemaster-like" enough, not like the stuff we're doing now. This is without a doubt the best writing I've ever done and with all the talent that Tony and Brian bring to the table I think this CD is gonna be something special!!!!"

Co founding member and drummer Brian Henderson states:

"I feel this is the most intense music Joe has put together and will be the biggest challenge ever for me to record my parts. Also I am looking forward to working with Tony to put a totally different and much needed voice in the mix. This CD will rock!!"

Axemaster is working on an upcoming as of yet untitled album and are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on the songs for the upcoming album. The band is currently writing 15 songs for the upcoming full length.

New Vocalist Tony Webster states:

"This is a great band with a very long history in the metal scene. I had never really heard of Axemaster until Joe contacted me through the internet and asked if I would be interested in singing with them. After he sent me some of the demos for the new album I checked out the music and really liked it. So I decided to take on another band aside from Archetype and have started writing songs with them. It sounds like old school thrash metal mixed with some doom elements. We have demoed around 15 songs so far and they are turning out awesome! This is going to be the best album the band has ever done musically and working with these guys has been great so far!"



Axemaster was formed in 1985 by lead guitarist Joe Sims and Drummer Brian Henderson. The project and music has stood the test of time and remains strong after over 25 years.

With the band's original lineup (also including vocalist/bassist Christopher Michael) they recorded their first 4 releases: "Slave to the Blade" (demo EP cassette), "Blessing in the Skies" (full length album), "The Vision" (shaped pictured disc single), and "Crusades" (shaped picture disc single), the last 3 being released by Azra International Records. They were also featured on Azra Record's compilation shaped picture record "Metalgon" and in the comedy/horror movie "Killer Nerd".

Several lineup changes followed as the band recorded their next 2 releases: "Death Before Dishonor" (full length cassette, European-only release) and "5 Demons (Imperative is their Demise)" (self-released EP cassette). Joe Sims was the only original member to remain and play on every release. After this the band altered their musical direction and changed the name to The Awakening. That group did 1 CD before breaking up in 1995.

Four years later, Unisound Records {Greece} re-issued selected songs from 4 of the band’s releases (as well as 3 songs by The Awakening) on a 15 track CD titled "Axemaster & The Awakening, 1985-1995". In 2002 Unisound re-released "Death Before Dishonor" (as well as some unreleased material) on CD. The success of these discs proved that Axemaster's music was still in demand years after their breakup.

In 2006 the band returned with the original lineup and in 2007 re-released "Blessing in the Skies" on disc through Burning Star Records {Greece}. It includes the album in its entirety as well as 3 bonus tracks and a video for the song "Slave to the Blade". It's packaged as a digi-pack with a 4 page foldout that features a 12 page booklet containing vintage photos from 1985-1988 (some never before seen), liner notes, and song lyrics. As one person from Burning Star said, "it's time that 'Blessing in the Skies' got the recognition it deserves".

The reunion, however, was short-lived as Christopher Michael did not remain with the project and a new band was formed with a different vocalist and bassist. After originally intending to continue as Axemaster, the band decided that the new music they were writing was not consistent enough with what Axemaster had done in the past and changed to become Inner Terror. That project released one CD and ended in 2010.

After taking a short break away from the scene, Joe Sims and Brian Henderson teamed up with vocalist Tony Webster (Archetype, Ex-Mo Rage) to re-start the Axemaster project. A new CD is currently in the works that has the makings of being by far the best Axemaster release to date. The new songs are classic thrash with a slight amount of doom metal, somewhat similar to the style of the band's last 2 releases ofnew material, but with greatly improved songwriting and better musicianship.

With the worldwide exposure & success that they've already achieved, Axemaster is poised to once again take the metal world by storm!!!!

P.O. Box 882
Kent, OH 44240
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1) "Slave to the Blade" (Independent 5-song cassette)

2) "Blessing in the Skies" (Full length album and cassette released by Azra International Records)

3) "Crusades" (Shaped picture disc issued by Azra International Records as a limited edition release to promote "Blessing in the Skies")

4) "The Vision" (Shaped picture-disc single released by Azra International Records)

5) "Death Before Dishonor" (Full length cassette of rehearsal recordings. European-only release by S.A. Bucher Management {France} & Skullthrasher Promotions {Belgium})

6) "5 Demons (Imperative is their Demise)" (Independent 5 song cassette)

7) "1985 - 1995" (A "best of" 14 song CD released by Unisound Records {Greece} which includes songs from the releases numbered here as 2, 3, 4, and 6. Also includes 3 songs by The Awakening)

8) "Death Before Dishonor (Reissue)" (Re-release on CD of the original recordings by Unisound Records {Greece}. Also includes previously unreleased material and songs from the releases numbered here as 1 and 3)

9) "Blessing in the Skies (re-release)" (The album in it’s entirety released on CD by Burning Star Records {Greece}. Also includes a video for the song "Slave to the Blade" and 3 bonus tracks: one unreleased song recorded live and two from the release numbered here as 1 that had never previously been available on CD. Released as a digi-pack that contains never before seen vintage photos, song lyrics, and liner notes)

"Blessing in the Skies" and "5 Demons" are also featured on Smog Veil Records' I-Tunes roster. For more information see http://www.smogveil.com/ecom/ and click on "I-Tunes exclusives"

.........MUSIC INCLUDED ON........

- The comedy/horror movie "Killer Nerd" which was produced by Entertech Productions and stars the former MTV personality and past academy award nominee Toby Radloff.

- The heavy metal documentary on CD-ROM titled "The Polishing of Metal" which contains 1300 band biographies, 900 album reviews, 19 videos, and 5 hours of music as well as color photos and web links. AXEMASTER is included in the release with a song, video, and bio page. This work, which was released by The Rock Record Collectors Association, Emperor Multimedia, and The Diskery (Canada), is not only being distributed extensively worldwide, but is also featured in public libraries internationally (such as the United Nations’ "Great Library of Alexandria")

- The DVD "Defenders of the Faith" which was released in Europe by Kastle Killers and contains a video of the song "Slave to the Blade" from the album "Blessing in the Skies".


- "Metalgon" (Shaped picture disc by Azra International Records {USA}) - "Speed N Thrash" (Cassette release {France}) - "Bloodzit" (Cassette release {Canada}) - "A Distant Thunder" (Cassette release {USA})

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