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FROST DESPAIR - artwork revealed

Frost Despair: "The God Delusion" artwork revealed
- Symphonic black metallers Frost Despair revealed the artwork cover of their debut EP, entitled "The God Delusion", a title inspired by Richard Dawkins books. The EP was recorded from March to July in Hurricane Studios, with the producer Sebastian Carsin (Enthroned). Frost Despair frontman, Odommok, shares the following about the new effort: "We started a work with The God Delusion using elements of different kind of classic music and metal. Our atheistic metal will be great! Hails!
The artwork was made by Marcelo Vasco (www.p2rdesign.com), who previously worked with several extreme metal acts like DIMMU BORGIR, DARK FUNERAL, SATYRICON, BELPHEGOR and GORGOROTH. About the artwork Marcelo comments: My intention creating the Frost Despair's cover art was to illustrate the perfect symbiosis between the living beauty and lightness that surrounds a symphony, and at the same time its possibility of being dark, heavy, painful, death and sad. Trying to pass this antagonic feeling in a striking way, giving the opportunity to people to take their own conclusions of the idea that the album's name: 'The God Delusion' might suggest."
"The God Delusion" artwork can be seen below and the songs will be available soon on MySpace at www.myspace.com/frostdespair

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