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XCEL - Deliver This Dream - tribute

This time Harder Than Steel features a review that I actually have written six -or perhaps seven- years ago. It features all the enthusiasm of someone that has discovered a new band, no controls or limits on my written words and a little aggression for those against Metal. I smile reading to it now and realize that the passion for Steel is still the same, as far as my writting style only the readers can point if it has been improved since then!

From the very first second you will notice the characteristic guitar playing, the great riffing and the -even more- characteristic voice lines...

Chris "CountRaven" Papadakis - 2009

If you ask my opinion then I would tell you that this record is one of the most brilliant US Heavy / Power Metal records ever released. If you ask me why I believe this, I would tell you to leave the questions and simply listen to this album. In the vein of old Queensryche this album is full great riffs, brilliant melodies and unbelievable vocals.

It opens with the same titled track “Deliver This Dream”, the ideal opening track for the record and probably the best. From the very first second you will notice the characteristic guitar playing, the great riffing and the -even more- characteristic voice lines. Once you hear the great singer of this band it is impossible to forget his voice. Back to the song I must say that it is powerful, full of melody and strong riffing. What it follows is the track “The Vision” in which we can realize for one more time that great the singer is. Then it is time for “Make It Someway”, a great ballad and one of my favorites in general (I know that many of you would disagree but I simply do not care). “Hold your Faith” that follows starts with a great riff and it is in fast tempo, a killer song that is followed by “King of Fools” another very characteristic tune with great melodic lines both in guitars and vocals. The next one is the song “teaser” which is based on a great main riff -yes the song really rocks- “Beware the Knight” is the title of the next track and this is a great advice for all those mother fuckers that have to say a word about HEAVY METAL. Finally the record closes with the “Last Ride of Ichabod Crane” which is the darkest composition of the record (due to this great acoustic bridge in the middle of the song).

Well if you search for great melodic Heavy / Power metal with really something special as far the music, then this is the record for you. Everything in this album got a musical personality: the riffing, the melodies (epic with a dark touch now & then), unique vocals, structure of the songs, everything.

Xcel was not another typical band that simply tried to copy well known standers. They played HEAVY METAL in their own way and the have been noticed as one of the most recognizable bands of the 80s US scene.

All Hail Xcel!


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