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Kansas - Point of Know Return - tribute

Well, I have to share this info with you! When Nymph and I chose to arrange a dedication for an album of the band “Kansas” in the “Harder Than Steel” section, we started a small fight! We couldn’t agree on which album we should pinpoint. “Leftoverture” (my suggestion) or “Point of Know Return” (Marianne’s suggestion)? The reasons are of course obvious… The first one contains "Carry on Wayward Son" and the other album has “Dust in the Wind”. The Solomon’s solution came after 20 minutes or so… We will write for both albums! (Laughing). So, join this short journey to the depths of two of the most important AOR and progressive rock albums...

Without knowing it, they showed with the cover that this album would be the final successful one...

Drakontas - 2009


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The fact that the band managed to make a success caused a certain headache to them. Are they just a flare that shined for small period of time? So, one year later, in 1977, They released “Point of Know Return”. For their first time 2 songs managed to reach the top 100 in America, “Point of Know Return” (rank 28) and certainly “Dust in the Wind” (rank 6)! The funny thing is that the album sold less than their previous (it was only 4 times multi-platinum album!!!). Enough with these numbers, let’s see the album track by track


The same-name opening track is a technical masterpiece. All the instruments are giving their best. Clever riffs, complex tempo measurements, beautiful melodies. I can certainly describe it as the best track in the album and just for your knowledge, this song was not supposed to be inside the album. They placed it in the very last moment! (Hopefully!). “Paradox” is a song for those who care about hearing something new, something inspiring. The guitar is not the lead instrument but the violin is leading the charge until we reach the first instrumental song with the signature of Kansas, “The Spider”. The next songs “Portrait (He Knew)”, “Closet Chronicles” and “Lightning's Hand” are common songs in the veil of AOR. Reaching “Dust in the Wind” we will make a stop. Kansas thought it over and over again in order to include this track (this reminds me of something…) because it was “just an acoustic ballad”! I want to pinpoint the song “Sparks of the Tempest”, which is not widely known but it delivers great power as it is the most classic rock song. “Nobody's Home” is a nice AOR song. For the ending track they used the same idea like their fourth successful album, a big song only for the true fans of progressive rock, “Hopelessly Human”.

Iwill say something that I have never heard before. It is something like a vision. Kansas never used anything by luck. I believe that without knowing it, they showed with the cover that this album would be the final successful one. Just check it and let me know!


Kansas - Point of Know Return

Kirshner Records

  1. Point of Know Return
  2. Paradox
  3. The Spider
  4. Portrait (He Knew)
  5. Closet Chronicles
  6. Lightning's Hand
  7. Dust in the Wind
  8. Sparks of the Tempest
  9. Nobody's Home
  10. Hopelessly Human




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