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ADPR - Special Promotional Campaign - with Stacy Perry - 2009

Stacy Perry (the owner of the Angel Dust Productions) started a promotional campaign for underground Greek bands. Metalmare magazine of course supported this action and gave her the chance to give us a clearer picture about everything…

I feel that all artists and bands of all genres deserve to be heard and appreciated for what they can do...

Stacy Perry (ADPR) - 2009


It is very important everyone to meet and learn about the people that really support rock and metal scene. Sharing with us a small flashback of your early stages in the heavy sound would be great!
The first album I heard that was considered "heavy" at that time was AC/DC “Back In Black”. I dug it and from there moved onto Metallica, which is my favorite band with NIN as a super close second. Metallica, I was introduced to by one of my brothers and I instantly fell for them. The first song I ever heard was “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” and of course that is my favorite tune of the album. From there I have gone through the realm of bands as they have come out and I enjoy a variety of genres, but metal still holds tight with me in certain ways. I mean Ozzy and Black Sabbath will always be classic for me and so will the legendary riffs of James, Kirk and Dave, from the Metal Up Your Ass days, which got turned into Kill 'Em All. I will also state that we lost a huge piece of greatness when Cliff Burton and Randy Roads died (R.I.P.)

You can bet on it… In order to give us a better picture about yourself, let me know which are your favorite bands and what are you listening these days.
My favorite bands? Well they range from Metallica, NIN, The Human Abstract, Society 1, Diecast, Dope, Sixx A.M., Deftones, Mushroomhead and G n R to some bands here on Myspace that are simply amazing which a few are RandomWalk, Holopain, Elysion, Maxi Nil... I do enjoy my Greek Bands and Artists, but there are the American ones too such as Crystal Sunshine, Serpent Underground, Phestur, which just got signed and Adam, the lead guitarist and singer plus myself have done many benefits together and ZeroKing just to name a few… (Laughing).

(Laughing). I feel that there were short periods of ups and downs in your career with your label, even health problems appeared but you still keep walking.Is that something like a personal satisfaction or just a battle that you wish to win?
There have been health problems with me and most still persist, but yes, I did let the company fade to black for about 15 days or so, with another company being put in its place. All in all, ADPR is the company I may have been given a decade ago, but I am the one who has excelled at it and made it what it is today. A company of like minded, caring, lovers of music, along with business knowledge that want to help out as much as possible as well as be a “friend” to you and not just “another company”. I feel that all artists and bands of all genres deserve to be heard and appreciated for what they can do, but please also know that I do give constructive criticism as well to some and it is taken and appreciated. I'm not a quitter and I will never be one. This company is in my blood, so I am not going to just disappear, a couple of Metallica references in there... (Laughing)

Holding a label for the last 10 years surely you have experienced all the serious changes in the promotional activities.Can you pinpoint some of those changes?
Over the past decade I have found out you have to adjust to the current economy, if someone wants a paid service, but on that aspect I still hold the lowest prices to shop a band or artist to a label and I encourage to ask everyone in PR who does this part of it, but I do a lot of free services. Now as for everything else over the past decade, well, I have found many friends throughout the realm of music, especially on Myspace and I am grateful for this because as the time passes by so does the music and that is what it is all about for me …progression!

Speaking of your label… Explain us more things about its activities.
AngelDust Public Relations, ADPR as it is known everywhere as, takes great pride in helping out charities. Since 2002 ADPR has either put on a concert with all proceeds going to a certain charity; 2002 - 9/11 Twin Towers Benefit, along with a compilation CD, 2003 - Breast Cancer Benefit, 2 Night Event, 2004-2006 Musician Benefits, co-produced with Adam from Phestur, 2007 donations were made to the Lung Cancer Society, 2008 ADPR donated raffle items on behalf of Fear Shop, Nightmare Records, WWE and a Compilation CD to Dimes To Dollars for their benefit raffle. Now in 2009 ADPR has already donated to Saint Judes and has donated raffle items from the WWE and Nightmare Records to Rock Across America for a silent auction, so if you haven't caught it by now guys, ADPR wants to help and we enjoy donating to charities that are close to not only our hearts but the hearts of others!

This is truly valuable and I have to thank you on behalf of those people. Recently you made focused on promoting Greek bands. What was the result out of that search?
Ever since I got on Myspace I have gone through each and every artist/band that has requested me as a "friend". I only have on the ADPR page those who are good at what they do and that is the love of playing music. One day I came across “RandomWalk” and they were the first band from Greece that I fell for musically. The members are all beyond polite and cool as hell as well as considered friends, then came the artist “Holopain”, he is an amazing man and friend, then came “Cain”, another great musician and person. We move on to “Dystopia”, which became the very first artist/band of the month for ADPR back in January 2008 when the contest began and I was introduced to “Dope of Gods” when I was making a compilation CD, good music and talented too. so many have followed, I apologize if you are not mentioned and I am at the present time working with Elysion and Maxi Nil. As for the "Zines" put out by Greece, I have always enjoyed Metal Hammer from Greece, I actually own a copy of one of their magazines that is a collector's edition in the states because of the fact that there is an unfinished side bar story in it and of course Metalmare.


ADPR is the company I may have been given a decade ago, but I am the one who has excelled at it and made it what it is today...

Stacy Perry (ADPR) - 2009


That was a good summary! (Laughing). Do you miss the era when vinyls and cassettes were the only means in hearing music?
I remember back to 8 Tracks, but I did and have vinyls as well as cassettes to this day. I enjoy the cassettes... too bad I went through so many copies of Metallica, NIN, Ozzy, Black Sabbath and many more because they were played so much that the cassette tape actually snapped. (Laughing).

(Laughing). You have to believe me, you are not the only one! (Laughing). How do you think a new band shall work in order to succeed nowadays?
Even though I will promote a band or artist to a label, I think the true way to succeed is by doing what Trent Reznor did, even though he was not the first. Internet music for free and then offer up the physical CD's, Collector Edition's and so forth. I have seen other artists/bands doing this as well and I can tell you that you will sell more this way after you gain a fan base, even though NIN has been on Labels, I know that Trent was finally ecstatic to be on his own after the contract expired, that is why we have Ghosts and The Slip! As you can see, honesty is something that ADPR holds to and will not compromise on, even if it does harm intake of money, of which the paid service isn't much to begin with, I still believe that bands and artists can do it without a label and I am more than happy to have ADPR help out. This is why things have changed on the page.

I really enjoyed talking with you. Keep up with your great work and never stop!
I would simply like to say thank you and Metalmare Magazine for conducting this interview and inviting me to be inside the pages of the magazine. Also, all the musicians out there and listeners. You guys rock! I would of course like to thank the one that got me into the business, John, without him giving me the company a decade ago, I would not be here today doing what I do and that is helping out.


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