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Rotting Christ - Studio Report for Aealo - 2009


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I have to start by saying that I am not a fan of Rotting Christ. Except for “Non Serviam” track (which is a very catchy one) I believe that their songs are nice and nothing more. But of course I do respect them as one among the greatest Greek metal bands. Today, exactly on the release date of the 13th online preview of Metalmare, I had to go to Rotting Christ’s album pre-listening. The day was truly crazy, like every release date, especially on Sundays… I even took a wrong turn and arrived somehow late for the studio report (laughing)!


The rhythm section entered with a majestic tempo and then mourning choir filled the air with depression... What a great combination!

Drakontas - 2009


Never the less, I took a sit and waiting for the listening. Sakis (founder member of the band) informed us that we had to take a careful listening and try to understand it. To be honest, the first thing that passed through my mind was “ok, what new shall I expect to hear from such an old metal band?” Everyone in the room gone quiet and “play” pressed…



Album Overview

The album started with some traditional mourning. That came out of blue to me thinking “Wow, they had a very cool idea for an intro and performed it very good”… But I was mistaken. It wasn’t just an idea for the intro… It was the main idea for the concept of the whole release…

The rhythm section entered with a majestic tempo and then mourning choir filled the air with depression, what a great combination! Feeling the body thrilled out of that incredible atmosphere. I then realized that the album was a concept. But generally when we are talking regarding concept albums we consider a main story in the lyrics and express them in different tracks. That is not quite right, if we consider the classical compositions or even the recent soundtracks, but it is a way that represented in metal and I accept that. Getting back to the Rotting Christ album, I shall say that I heard something like Vivaldi or Tchaikovsky, technically speaking how they combine their compositions, don’t think anything else, right? (laughing). There are 2 or 3 main subjects and then some other parts are interfering, giving the metal touch that needed to bang your head or to help the listening providing a smooth result. And guys… THAT is a CONCEPT! Not just a lyrical concept but also a musical concept! (Here I have to tell you that the main theme in concept is a war through the eyes of a warrior! OUTSTANDING).


Ihave to admit that for the first time the band worked so hard on their compositions. I heard so many harmony combinations of choirs, guitars, ensembles, even the bass guitar. The rhythm section was technically powerful. Melodies and riffs amazed me. The final track of that concept album was the most incredible surprise! I will not say who was acting as a guest (that will be done in the next online preview, so don’t miss it!) but I will do say that is one of the most personalized female vocalist in Ethnic music and the performance of that woman left me without words to speak. I have not the power to criticize her.



Summarizing, Rotting Christ proved to me that 22 years in music industry matured them. They got experimental with their sound, they built new bridges exploiting new areas and lands of inspiration. They are not catchy here, they are LEGENTS and this comes from a mouth that is NOT a fan. Or better say that I am not a fan of the previous albums. They worked hard for that result, they surely spent hours or even days to mix the parts together. This is a masterpiece that will be in the hall of fame of metal classics. Like I said to Sakis, metalheads will need some months to understand it. Patience is virtue though…


I wanted to be the first on earth to express my experience for that moment and I succeeded!

Drakontas - 2009


and the funny part...

So, I returned to Metalmare office and told Marianne that I am going to change the subjects of the magazine. She got mad, she was yelling at me but I didn’t listen at all. I wanted to be the first on earth to express my experience for that moment, as I was one of the few people that heard this album which will be released in February 2010 and I succeeded! Not even the label have listened it. Well, I didn’t care if I had to work till the first day’s light re-arranging the structure. Do you believe in coincidence? It is the 13th issue, the photos that I used for this articles were number 1 and 3, the magazine released 13 hours later than supposed to… Hey Sakis, I think universe says something to you!



This album passes through the brain. You have to spend time to even understand it. Draft listening is not appropriate, you will understand nothing. Listen it carefully 2-3 times, travel inside that music world and be sure in the end you will see the battlefield through the eyes of that warrior!



In the next issue I will provide you the interview and believe me you all need to hear what he said to me.



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