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Rotting Christ - Studio Interview for Aealo - with Sakis - 2009


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So, the new attempt of Rotting Christ for 11th time is what matters right now. In the previous online issue I told you many things regarding the pre-listening studio report. In this one, like I promised you, I include the discussion with Sakis! Check it out!

Our career was not stable because I am not stable as a person...

Sakis (Rotting Christ) - 2009




I feel you must express your feelings regarding your 11th attempt!
I can say that I am happy because the band is still active after so many years

You didn’t have a stable career. Your first steps were into Grindcore, then you became more melodic, then more Gothic… What shall we expect to hear in this album?
Our career was not stable because I am not stable as a person. I like all the times to experiment and make transform the band into something better due to my opinion. In this album you shall hear something new, even if that is very difficult to achieve, with many traditional Greek elements in our sound.

Do you consider those changes as an evolution?
Personally speaking yes, because I consider myself as an active and inspiring person and I worked hard to achieve this result. If in the future I find out that I cannot compose I will stop existing.

Where did you record the album?
We recorded it at the Lunatex Studios in Katerini, Greece. I was the producer as always. The mixing procedure made in the same studio by me and Demetrius Ntouvras.

You left a big label like Century Media and you went to Season of Mist, a still very big label. Do you think that the result in promoting your name was better? Speaking based on the “Theogonia” album.
It was great! But the greatest thing we managed was achieving more than 250 lives promoting it! From now on we are not waiting from the promotion of the label and we are acting on our own.

I am very fond of the fact that the titles of the songs are in Greek or their roots are from Greece...
...You really like that? In the new album there will be more than the half songs titled in Greek.

That’s awesome! Greek culture is being promoted abroad...
Well, we placed a bet when releasing “Theogonia”. We were wondering how the listeners would react in that idea. When I was playing lives in different parts of the world, people were asking me the meaning of those words. It was a very good experience as they were interested in our culture and civilization. We are NOT nationalist though. That’s certain...

...Nationalist and Caring are two different subjects...
...Exactly. Art has NO boundaries! And Art is what we are doing! Greek civilization is rich and we are trying to enrich our compositions with those elements.


But the greatest thing we managed was achieving more than 250 lives promoting it!

Sakis (Rotting Christ) - 2009


Absolutely right! Now, tell me about the “Non Serviam” DVD. What did your fans said to you?
They think that the DVD is great and energetic and I can see that from the sales till today.

And what is your opinion about the DVD?
I am satisfied from the result but as a person I am never truly satisfied. Actually each release for me is great for that certain moment. After some period I realize that certain things could be also there!

It is amazing that you will play to the first Metal festival that will take place in Australia. I am sure that 2009 will end great for you as you are playing in the end of the year...
...End or start of the New Year. That is not confirmed yet, we may change the year on stage!

Indeed a great experience! Celebrating the New Year on stage!
Truly. Well, I am very satisfied that we managed play in Australia, as it is the only place that we haven’t performed yet. I hope that there will be many Greek people too!

Certainly, Australia has many Greek residents...
I hope so, because we are not so pleased performing without people from Greece in the pit...

...And which other bands will be there?
Destruction, Dark Funeral, Sonata Arctica… there will be many bands!

Do you think that your performance on stage is the key for your success?
Well, I believe is where you can be judged. Everyone is great in studio. Personally I believe that we are doing our best for both.

You are 22 years active as a band...
...My goodness!

...(Laughing). So, you have passed through all the changes in music! I am speaking mainly for the technological matters. How did those affect the band?
Well, we started creating demos with tape cartridges and we reached the time that youtube is the connection between the composers that creating music in their houses… It was somehow difficult for us in the beginning but we had to adjust ourselves in those new technologies. Though we never forget where we started from.

You can see the bands spending more time in front of a screen rather in studio, right?
Yes, those things are shocking us but like we will not say if that is wrong or not. Simply we are coming from another decade where things were different. We are working with our heart and using passion in the compositions. I believe that is the main ingredient that misses from the new bands.

Thank you so much for your time! I am wishing you all the best for the new album!
I would like to thank you for the support and of course I hope that our new attempt will strike your readers!




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