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About Metalmare

Metalmare was established in 1996. The project is dedicated in all genres of heavy metal. The first time it became online was in 2002.
Currently, Metalmare Magazine is going through massive updates in both structure and ideology, and is going to be ready sometime near May 2011.

  1. Metalmare will stay FREE-GIVEN! but this time will not focus only in Greece but WORLDWIDE too.
  2. It will be written in ENGLISH language, not in Greek. Soon more languages will follow...
  3. The pages instead of 32 will grow to a minimum level of 100 PAGES.
  4. On a monthly basis, our advertising campaign will grow to a minimum of 1.000.000 PAGE IMPRESSIONS!
  5. The publication will also be environmental friendly through the DYNAMIC ONLINE MAGAZINE SECTION.
  6. For the first time a daily updated WEBZINE STYLE SECTION will be created focusing on news and all the articles that will not be shown in the printed and online magazine
  7. An ONLINE MERCHANDISE STORE will be created in order to help all the underground bands and also smaller labels.

So, stay tuned by joining our newsletter and get ready to...
enter your ...METALMARE!

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